If I get too much sleep I feel pretty bad

I slept 12 hours last night and feel quite rough. When I get 9 hours I feel so much better. Maybe I’ll just start setting an alarm.


Yeah, I agree with this.

Also sometimes if I sleep too long I get a headache.


I hope you feel better as the day goes on

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Thanks @TheStrange !

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Same, sometimes I slept 16-18 hours.

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Hopefully you feel better soon. Sleep is important huh. I try to get the same amount of sleep every day. I usually sleep 10 hours more or less and that is good amount for me. I only sleep a bit less when I have to go to the pdoc.

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Same here. If i sleep too much i don’t feel good either.

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I sleep about 9h. I get headaches if I sleep more.

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Oh yes, theres a lot of truth in this… In my illness, i knew lots of sleeping, since kid. But now i see also, that if i oversleep, i wake up all stiffed and tough as you are saying, plus its not good against our synthetic dementia… 8,9 hours is enough sleep, not less, not more i find…
I hope you are better today, hugs.


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