If I could

I think I’d become a psychiatrist rather than a nurse practitioner. Same basic job, but pdoc makes a lot more…

But I just can’t make it into med school. I’m not even sure if my science gpa is a 3.0, it’s likely lower. I’m terrible at chemistry and organic chemistry, which make up a good chunk of the MCAT, so even if I studied like crazy for it I’d likely only get an average score, which would not make up for my gpa.

And then even if somehow above all odds if I got into a med school, I am not sure I could make it through. Undergrad alone has been very difficult for me with my mental/emotional state. So am I a bit disappointed I don’t think I’ll ever be a psychiatrist who does research? Yeah. But a nurse practitioner who does research is ok too.

I know some people on here are already doctors/studying to become one and I think that’s really cool and inspiring.

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I wish you luck either way for whichever one you choose. I remember I used to want to do research like crazy when I was in college. Now I do a whole lot of nothing.

Maybe nurse practioner is better. Much shorter schooling, much less stress and still guaranteed job and pretty nice salary at the end. Thanks for the well-wishes.

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I think my cousin is studying to be a nurse practitioner. Hopefully she does well on all the exams she has.

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