Cats and boots and a pair of scrubs (but really, I am back in school)

So I started pre nursing yesterday, I aim to use my psychology thesis and high GPA to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner as well as researcher. I recently got a demonic black kitten. Early in the morning, rising to the street, I grab a cold brew and strap boots to my feet.

Well I plan on a PhD as well as DNP (research in nursing practice and practitioner of nursing), so I will be Dr. Nurse, hopefully I will not have another health incident. I had a barrage of health problems right when I started the doctoral program in psychology.

Here is to survival and hope. I may use academic prowess, that does not mean that is how we all live well. This past year had me hospitilized against my will, nearly disabled, nearly died yet again from an infectious disease, ■■■■ it, after all this, I cannot stop.


You sound like you have matured through your struggles. I hope you get the best out of your education. :smile:

I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully the rest of your phd experience is bit more uneventful.