"if he is a severe case, he should be locked"

In the news the anchorman said that
about a crazy guy who killed his wife

Well, surely if he killed his wife he should be locked even (or especially) if his case is mild. :crazy_face: :face_with_monocle:

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No, he didn’t say that after the murder,
as a punishment.
Of course he should be locked now.
He said it for before the crime.
The lawyer said that his client is
a severe case taking meds by a private psychiatrist.
Well, the anchorman replied, if he is
severe case he should have been locked

OK, I get you now. I agree that been deemed a “severe case” is not enough to justify punitive measures, but of course if he consistently expressed homicidal ideation it might be different. What do you think?


what do you think?

mentally ill commit less crime than the average norm, fact

I don’t agree with him.
Schizophrenics take meds and should stay
out of hospitals.

I think there is a lot of misinformation regarding the links between poor mental health and crime, both ways. In any case I was referring to a hypothetical example of someone consistently expressing homicidal ideation.

I agree with you, but I was thinking of more extreme cases.

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most of us are more likely to be victims of crime, if what that guy says is true then normal people are far more dangerous so what would he do with them?

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Try not to focus too much on media. They always try to make things more like entertainment and try to sensationalise things to get ratings.

Here in there UK if there is a sniff of mental illness attached to a crime, they make sure it goes in the news

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Yeah damn right they do. I had “Schizophrenic reeks havoc in local community” from the local papers 5 years ago. Course they never mentioned the reason why i glassed the fella in the face, cos he was rinsing my money for months - and told the town i was a sex offender.

Anything for a bloody story.

We would never have enough room to lock away everyone if they were “crazy”.

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In that extreme case I think he should get a life sentence at least. If you can stabilize him maybe you could put him in a psych facility as long as you are giving him injections. The insanity defense has its limitations.