If CBD is as effective as they say

Why isn’t there a CBD medication out yet? They say it is as effective as amisulpride as an antipsychotic but I don’t see any other research on it…

Also gwpharm is still in phase 2 trials for a CBD medication … why is it taking so long for results?

Honestly does this have any potential for being an antipsychotic or is it just a waste of time?

“Edit” Okay… I see they say “This study is expected to enroll approximately 80 patients with an estimated completion date of the second half of 2015.”

I personally cannot wait till the first CBD antipsychotics come rolling through - I will drop whichever antipsychotic Im on at the time and quickly make the switch.
I am focused on the fact that they are supposed to have minimal side effects

At the moment I think its very expensive though.

clinical trials are painfully slow :frowning: your just going to have to wait like me.
gwpharma trial is only phase2a there will still need to be a phase2b which could take another 2 years then a phase 3 which could take 2 years more.

Some people swear by it , some people it does not help. The ‘evidence’ for cbd in cases of schizophrenia is patchy.

I personally have my doubts as to whether a CBD drug would work as I was formerly a heavy pot user and it never did anything for my symptoms, and it made my voices louder.

This is because “regular” pot contains THC - well you know I am sure, that this causes or triggers/worsens psychosis in many people - CBD based antipsychotics will contain no THC

Yeah you need to get the synthesised compound. Smoking pot is thought to cause onset in persons at risk