If a man walks by a wild

If a man walks by a wild lioness, will it kill him?

  • no
  • yes

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I think most people would get eaten… hard to punk out a clawed death machine but it can be done… so both?

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like why would it attack us?

like are they always hungry or something?
is not there easier prey?

it’s like going to Keyfood and finding a new type of Pop-Tart. would a Poptart-eating beast really risk the money and buy it? or wouldn’t the beast rather just stick with the old reliable chocolate fudge Pop-tart?

I don’t know. How tall is this man? It could save his life.

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height = strength sometimes.

their kinda ambush/ opportunistic hunters… if your unsure of when your next meal will be would you let basically the easiest to catch prey you have ever seen just walk on by… ive watched people intimidate lions off of food items before it seems to be 90% attitude 10% luck…

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well if a lioness is going to eat a man, it’ll be ironic if he drank some poison before it does. lol lol lol. that’s what you get for eating the new prey on the block!

If she’s hungry, or maybe if she has cubs nearby.

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cubs, eh? so maybe a man should hold back on the poison. don’t want to hurt the kids

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