Idk if i can keep this up


so much on my mind right now and i am trying to hold it together but idk i i can

trying my best but its not good enough and i can’t do any more :frowning:


hang in there man. i’m feeling pretty shitty myself, and it’s all we can do, just hang in there.


might have a panic attack :frowning:

i’m trying to take deep breaths


Yeah man just breath. Take it easy. Breath through your nose. Maybe a nap would help. I get in those situations it’s tough.


Trying to sleep it off but can’t sleep just now


Maybe you could talk to the doctor about getting on an anti-anxiety drug. If you’re already on one, maybe you could get your dose increased.


Right there w/you.


**You dont have to do anything right now--let it all go. I used to get panic attacks when I felt like I had to do something I didnt want to do.
Just let it go-maybe take a walk.
Hope this helps…


it’s gonna be just fine dreamer. i mean it’s not like a panic attack can kill you right? it’s just a fight or flight response is all. i know it feels bad right now but you#ll be ok, i promise. moving is stressful. you’ve got a lot on your mind. try and not look at the big picture and take it all in bite sized chunks. you can do this.


Making time for some meditation might help. Moving - oh yeah. There’s always more to do than you think. Think about when you be all moved in.


i’m trying @jaynebeal trying not to think about things too much but it all kind of hits me at night, i managed to get to sleep last night eventually though and i think i might be able to go into college now, the people there kind of help but i have a lot of trouble writing things down, i have something i need to finish which is written work and i have been thinking lately that i can’t do it, there is so much involved in counselling and i might not even get a job at the end bc i don’t think i will make a very good councillor tbh.


i hope you are feeling better today.
here is a :rainbow: and a piece of :cake:
take care from :alien:



Hey, Polar bears only live in the north. You may be in the south right now, but your north is beautiful and full of life. Keep looking :up: