Ideas on How to Spend the Stimulus

  1. Have a girlfriend for 2 months.
  2. Buy a replacement for those damn glasses that I lost
  3. Actually practice good hygiene. (like actually shave every day)
  4. Take a trip to Nevada, pick up a legal prostitute, and then buy some penicillin
  5. Go to church and be the big man in the chapel
  6. Go on some exotic diet
  7. Buy some viagra and not care what happens next
  8. Rent a car and drive to a National Park
  9. Give my hard working brother who currently has nothing to do some money so he doesn’t go broke
  10. Find out if I’m an alcoholic. The virus is coming anyway.

Ask @77nick77 how he intends to spend his stimulus package. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I also want to know how @77nick77 will spend his. :thinking:


I’m glad it isn’t just me. Whatever it is, it will be lively, eh?


I’ll spend it on food and gas and paying my internet bill. Or 500 copies of Henny Youngman’s autobiography.


That’s a great idea. I will probably do the same except I’ll buy me a nice Barnes and Noble tote bag.


Once I’m old and my kids are all on their own and I married someone with a steady income, I’d like to shop at the weekly sale at the Waikiki community center and keep attending monthly free dinners for mentally ill people in my community. A lot of them are homeless and I have on my to do list to help them out later in life. By attending dinners. Also still be plotting ■■■■ with my bff Jackie and Judy (if she’s still alive). I’m very interested in buying up NGOs, lol, to get home bound people more involved in the community. Hopefully have enough money for occasional parties with friends and take care of my health and visit family. I don’t want to die before I see grandkids. I have been setting things up in Tianjin, China too and I play songs in my head whenever we visit a place there. I especially like the Tianjin to Beijing highway, and the corner apartment where my younger uncle lives. And I like Shandong lol…And I like my uncle’s “minions”. I haven’t really thought about where I’d be buried but definitely somewhere in Hawaii where family can come visit my grave and give offerings! Also I enjoy boba tea and rice wine with azuki beans in it. I guess I want to eat in Waikiki in general, but not live there of course. I also want to work on the narcotic and prostitution and just the general problems that are rampant in that area… and just eat at more places besides Honolulu and Wahiawa in general. Yawn… ok that’s all I wanted to share:

I’m going to payoff this nasty credit card bill that my daughter caused me to run up with the first check. The second check I’ll spend on my daughter lol. What can I say even 21 year olds are expensive.


You can use the pages as toilet paper.


I hope working people with kids get the majority of the stimilus. They are the ones who need it the most. But seriously if there are worse shortages and the group home can’t provide us with the necessities and we have to pay inflated prices for necessary stuff then I’ll need every penny of that.

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I’m assuming people on disability aren’t eligible?

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I thought disabled didn’t get any?

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Strange That My Topics Get Erased.


I’m curious about this one. Do you have anything that specifies that people on disability won’t get it? I can’t find anything that doesn’t simply mention “taxpayers”.

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I’m using half to buy beer, whiskey, and tobacco and the rest I’m giving it to my mom she needs it more!

The only necessary one is #4. The rest are luxuries you can do without.

I’m not getting too excited about it yet. It’s not even in congress so best not to count the pudding until it’s in the eggs.



How Do You Count Sludge?.

Not ‘Sludge Rock’!.

The Pudding.

And Why Would Anyone Want to Put Pudding On Top of Egg’s?.

Wouldn’t The Cracks of The Shell Hurt Your Throat (by) Swallowing The Eggshell’s (???).

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Just having a fun play on syntax. Thanks for your observation. :pray:

Is That The Tax on Synthetics?.