I'd you don't take your meds

You will pay dearly. I missed a dose of my meds and I feel like total ■■■■. So I’m going to go take my meds. Now.


It’s true.

You can’t miss any doses or you’ll feel bad.

Then it’s hard to get back on track.

Very disruptive.


I personally don’t notice when I missed a dose until like the next day I will think “Hey, I missed a dose!”, then I generally take it that morning instead. Unlike a lot of people on the forum, I don’t really feel a difference when I miss one.


I haven’t missed a dose since I got back on meds. I went about 18 months without meds. Lost my mind and did stupid things. I’ve realized I can’t have a regular life without meds.


For me, if I miss a dose of clozapine I feel horrible. I’ve never experienced that with any other med besides Geodon. I had horrible withdrawals from Geodon even between doses if I didn’t take them close enough together


Yeah I’ve been depressed all day. Some folks are lucky.


I’m sorry you’ve been having a rough day, @roxanna


I hope you feel better soon. Your online handle often reminds me of that Sting song Roxanne.

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Sometimes when I skip a dose of my med’s I feel good and have a productive morning, but by 3:00 pm I am experiencing intense anger. It feels good for a while, but then I get burnt out on it, and I am miserable.


What med are you on, what is the dosage, what is the half life?.

I was told if you miss a dose and its been only a few hours then take it when you remember, but if it has been a long time its better to just wait until your next scheduled dose because you don’t want to take too much and overdose.

Hope you feel better soon

I’ve had mixed experiences with missing meds but for the most part I have been fine. I never had a problem missing a dose with the meds that had long half lives and high dosages.

I missed a dose of 1.5mg clonazepam and I was fine. I waited until the next day and then took it as usual. It has a really long half life so even after a day there is lots in my system.

I’ve missed a dose of olanzapine (40mg) dozens of times over the last 17 years and I never had a problem? The half life of my medication was pretty long and I was on a high dose, so even when I missed a day there was still lots of medication in my system to hold me over until the next day. I never missed 2 days though, I don’t know what would happen if I had done that.

Now I am on Lurasidone 60mg, I’ve missed a dose a few times and I was fine. It has a fairly long half life too…

The exception was Effexor, it’s an antidepressant, I was on 75mg and it has a short half life of about 5 hours meaning it is almost completely out of your system after a missed day, so after a day when I missed it I knew it, even if I was a few hours late I started getting brain zaps and felt like sh*t.

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Perphenazine three times a day. 8mg.16mg.8mg. am afternoon pm. It’s not so bad. My pdoc wanted to take me off of perphenazine I said no because it’s a good med.


Oh yaaaay I’m glad you’ve found a med that works for you! I remember you struggling with that for a while


I will end up in streets and die.

I won’t even beg for survival.

Thats how bad it would get for me.

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As with others, if I miss effexor in the mornings it’s horrible. I get bad insomnia and I’m out to see. If I miss my ap zyprexa it’s not such a big deal…I guess because I take it again next night but boy does that antidepressant effexor make you pay for missing it!

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Same here done so many stupid things.

I don’t take meds. I manage.

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Good to hear.hugs

Yeah I’ve missed a dose before not fun

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How long have you stop antipsychotic for?

Same here, #1 reason I take my meds is to not become angry and uncontrollably violent, to avoid troubles with ppl and the police.