I'd like to go off my meds (TW)


Like John Nash did. But I have OCD and SzA. So I can’t


I’d like that too. But I know I shouldn’t


We’d all like to go off our meds. But we’d end up dead probably.


I wouldn’t. I’m barely managing on meds, I’d be a mess without.


I’ve considered skipping my Zyprexa to see what happens but by the end of the day I’m so bored I just take my night meds as scheduled.

I’ve been an early riser ever since I started taking Zyprexa. But I have no day structure whatsoever.


me too. no meds for me. at least a lower dose. I want to get rid of my belly and get my sex life back


Women don’t pay attention to weight like men do. We don’t mind love handles


I actually prefer men a little doughy. It just looks more natural to me than bulging musles.


@Nova @Boogaloo. I like men of all sizes shapes and colors


Me too! Especially off abilify…


You don’t look anything like your profile pic. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Somebody here told me that i look like some UGLY american actor. :smile:


You’re not ugly!!! Are you from the US?


Heeheh thanks. I believe i look about average, maybe a little below.
And I’m ok with that, that’s the point i guess.

I’m from Serbia,


I see my doctor soon and I’m going to at least ask her if I could switch off of the Depakote.
It’s a big weight gaining med - my appetite is enormous on this drug!

I would love to get off of Meds but I can’t do that.
I would end up hospitalized for a long time or jailed.