How to cope with the fact that your body will never be the way it used to be

before meds i was skinny. even tho it was over 5 years that ive been on meds and gained 170 pounds in the first 2 years or so i still havent adjusted to being so out of shape. sometimes i meet family members that i havent seen since i was a kid and they notice how big i am and make comments.

ive tried switching to weight neutral meds but they arent effective for my sza. i am basically stuck on olanzapine until they find a med that can counteract its metabolic side effects. new ap’s are pretty much out of the option because if they dont bind to the same exact receptors that make olanzapine effective for me im sure they wont work


Going from skinny to being out of shape sucks


I feel for you @cigarino . I’ve been on Zyprexa. It sucked. I gained 75 lbs. in three months. Never again.


That’s just one of the things I don’t like about the med’s, but I know what will happen if I go off them, so I’m stuck with the med’s.


I’m 52 now, so I expect to have gained a certain amount of weight just from getting older.
I’m at a point where I just accept the weight gain. I know I need my meds and accept them even with the side effects.


im 21. i see people my age going out partying, working, in relationships, and enjoying life but ive kinda stayed in my room since i got sz and my bad self image doesnt help


This was my plight for 15 years. Im 32 now. Wish i had an answer for you. Although people back then told me it was because i ate more. Atleast now its accepted that the meds are to blame


I’m just doing what I can in the day I’m in. Playing the whole, “shoulda, coulda, woulda” game is a great way to go crazy. Well, crazier for us. Our day is a series of choices. Sneak in a few healthier ones and you’re winning. Keep increasing the healthy choices over time and you’re crushing it.



The ideal way to cope is either accept that you may have to live with someone who also suffers from obesity problems or learn to be by yourself. You also may want to look at shows which feature obese people as the stars. You also may occasionally write down all those wonderful things the voices will say to you if you go off your meds.


Have you considered going on Lybalvi @cigarino?

You know, the new and improved version of Zyprexa, without as much weight gain?


I’ve come to accept I may never have the body I had before taking meds but it’s worth it to stay stable


the studies i saw on lybalvi only showed a tiny % of difference in weight gain compared to olanzapine alone

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If your insurance covers it it may be worth a shot.
Even some weight loss is better than nothing.

It suck’s doesn’t it.:slightly_smiling_face::joy:

I was 30 kg overweight once.

This year I put on weight.

I can’t lose it and I eat so little.

I’m on latuda a weight neutral medication but I have put on weight n can’t eat anything barely.
Early menapause May have played a roll too.

I’m hoping I can start the gym if I can stand being around the people.

Last weight gain was when I spent a year with my boyfriend who is really fat.
It disrupted my strict diet and exercise.
He said I was starving myself back then so I ate more n allowed treat foods.
Bad idea .
Gained over seven kg and now I can’t lose it.


So pissed the best years of my life are just fading away. I want my goddamned body back. Im not supposed to be this weight

I used to miss being fit. I put on heaps of weight on Olanzapine too. Now I don’t mind my size. There were two main reasons I wanted to be fit, one was health the second was to help find a partner.

I have (at least for now) given up on these two things and so now I’m not constatntly beating my head against a wall trying to lose weight and I am quite a bit happier. Having said that I’m 43 now, it wouldn’t be so easy for me if I was younger.


Irish Constitution:

The right to bodily integrity:
The state cannot willfully harm a citizens body.

Also article 40.4 states I have a right to not have my death unnaturally accelerated.

I know what I’d like to do about it.

But I’m a mental patient so…

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I’ve gained 45 kg on meds previously. In the last year I’ve lost 30 kg.

It’s possible to lose weight on meds but it is just harder as meds slow your metabolism.


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