Tempting to get off my med's

I forgot to take my med’s this morning, and when I got to the clubhouse and started lifting weights I was already stronger. I could be so much stronger, physically, if I got off my med’s, but I’ve always gotten in trouble when I did that. I took my morning med’s with lunch, but I would be so much more physically fit if I got off my med’s. I also felt pretty good this morning. It is always like that for a little while when I get off my med’s.


I ran 3 to 5 miles everyday before I started taking Geodon. Now I can barely trot around the block once.


I know! Isn’t that so frustrating!

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It is but I know I need my meds. Can’t stay out the hospital without them so I carry an extra few pounds on me. It’s a trade off I guess.

If I could do without them I would.


It’s a trade off…

Fat and sane?


Slim and bonkers.

Must be harder for an Sz gal, though. A guy can carry those extra pounds without much stigma. A woman not so much imo.


I know… i was just off meds for 2 months. I started to feel more happy and strong and lively and lost 7kg!. Everyone commented on how much better I looked. But I restarted haldol yesterday because I got scared and delusional again and today I felt weak and nauseous and slept all day. Not sure what to do next…

Meds suck, but thinking you can fly and jumping off a building is worse.


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I guess I am glad that even though I am on injection - A lot has improved for me.

The only problem right now is the occasional laziness and heavy sleeping =(

Just have a cup of coffee - put on some loud music and do what you have to do.

What is working well for me is everyday exercise - 4-5 times a week for 30 minutes. instead of doing 1 hour you know.

It’s really tempting for me to get off meds at the moment too. I’ve just weighed myself and learned I’ve gained 15 kilos since starting them. I’m really upset about this, but every time I try to go on a diet and exercise more I seem to self sabotage. I feel like I’m constantly craving carbs and I don’t have the mostivation to do my walking much anymore.

Even though I crave carbs I eat salads and I do walk regardless of the motivation, but I just keep piling on the weight.

I just diet and watch what I eat and I am still losing weight. I can’t seem to get a routine down with exercise though I know that that would really help. don’t go off your meds @crimby I think you have a lot to lose if you don’t take your meds.?


Hope you stay on them, nothing turns out the way you think when you do go off them

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What I was saying is that there is a double standard regarding weight issues for men and women. A guy with a bit of a gut is more acceptable than an overweight woman. He is judged less harshly by society than she is.

I’m quite sure I’m being accurate on this one. Which is probably why young women have more eating disorders than men.


I am currently without meds due to difficulty going to go get them and I know at first you feel great but I feel terrible right now. I don’t wish this on anyone.

I’m stronger on meds. On Seroquel I am like 185lbs with more muscle and fat. Off it I am 135lbs, of course that is a normal weight for 5’7. I was unaware that weakness was a side effect of antipsychotics, there are different types of strength. When I was smalker my proportionate strength was greater so I was a much faster runner. Moving around was effortless, now at a heavier weight I am much more sluggish. Interestingly my 32 inch vertical leap increased by 3 or 4 inches probably due to more muscle in the lower body. Im waiting for spring to see if I can grab the rim and maybe dunk.

Muscle weakness is probably a rare side effect for antipsychotics. Maybe it is all in your head Crimby. These drugs shouldn’t interfere with the parts of brain which are connected to strenuous activity. They are serotonin and dopamine blockers, a syraightjacket for your emotions, not your strength.

@Patrick I would say harder for men possible ■■■■■ problems man boobs and emotional flatness dam!

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This is a battle that I have with myself almost every night. I have to remind myself what happens if I don’t take them, pray for acceptance of the side effects and the endurance to see the day when they create a side effect free med. until that day I’m marking big X’s on the calendar waiting for my release date

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“Tempting to get off my med’s”


not true. the rounder, the better; I always say. :slight_smile:

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I get tempted to go off my meds a lot because I get so well I don’t feel I need them anymore. But each time I try I relapse. I’m a nervous wreck off my meds! I’m much better off taking meds.