I'd bet there is a catch 222

The drug I have been using to treat my schizophrenia has left me in quite a delimited state at to the choices I must chose. So I requested a different approach to handing the next meds I take if any. Oh I have tried them all so now the ? Is can they custom make my meds

I used to think that there were people watching me BECAUSE I was an umedicated schizophrenic. I hate catch 22’s. They caused me mental agony. My brain loves catch 22’s because deep inside my brain wants my delusions and hallucinations, as unpleasant and disturbing as they are, to be real.

I truly question if schizophrenia is purely maladaptive sometimes. Most of the time I look at our suicide rates and self harm rates and say it is, but I remember when it was me against the world and I was not afraid. Like the one time I got committed, they sent seven cops to surround me because they knew I would otherwise try to fight. It made me think that survivial came first, pain came second, and rage came last, and thats all that life consisted of. That one led to another…

Thats why I only wear red white and black. For a few other reasons too, my friends tell me I see the world in black and white, red is my favorite color and when im not seeing things in black and white, I see red.

white symbolizes survival, black symbolizes pain, and red symbolizes rage.

Im still messed up even though my meds have me virtually symptom free.

I have never heard of custom made meds. They can maybe try prescribing more then one which seems to help for a lot.