Ibuprofen could 'eliminate' Alzheimer's disease


Apparently, they’ve been studying this since 2004.



Probably because people get a heart attack or a stroke before they get dementia lol. No such thing as a free lunch.


Any progress is very welcome.
Cures, preventive measures, everything.
Thank you for posting @twinklestars !!

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I think they’re only suggesting that you take this if your saliva test shows high levels of the protien Abeta42.

Another possibility, likely further in the future is that they will figure out on what molecular level ibuprofen inhibits production of this protien and create a new (expensive) drug that does just that.

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Uhh, come again? Is this a joke? Haha?
@everhopeful’s right, you could die of a heart attack or stroke from this.

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Vaping also at least doubles your risk of a heart attack, and with no benefit in preventing Alzheimer’s. Smoking is worse (than vaping, for heart disease).

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