I wrote to myself to reply to my despair and this is what came up

Don’t give up.
You know it’s hard, you’ve been there before.
Same old hardship, different set up.
No choice. At least none to escape.
You HAVE to fight !
Take your time, but don’t flee, because you can’t.
Face it.
You can ask for help.
But they’ll only by signes postes to your path.
YOU have to walk.
Step by step.
Day by day.
And when you’re so tired and feeling hopeless.
Deep down in there, there’s an end to the game.
Maybe the rooted anguish of impatience is burning your soul as you face the wall of insurmountable burden.
But you have to fight it. You have to climb, and you will fall again perhaps. Until one day, when all those dead ends will have a meaning.
You might not grasp it yet. It feels so unbelievably inexistant.
But all you need is a little hope.
Try it.
Just a little.
Come one.
This is it, this is where it starts.
A leap of faith in the adversity that the universe challenges you with.
Don’t be fooled in knowing that you can prevent those challenges by meanings of acquirement.
You can’t.
You have to accept.
That all is left to you is to be part of your own existence and accomplish the mystery of realizing the truth.
You are the center of your own redemption.


It’s very good. I loved it!


very creative and deep, my friend. here’s what I write to myself to reply to my despair:

“Take medication.”

That message helps me a lot, most of the time. that’s because I think that a lot of my perceived predicaments are self-made or exaggerated. I live quite a humble easy life though: not much real-life struggle or drama.

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