I wrote an essay for father's day

I wrote a pretty long essay for my dad for Father’s day. His retirement home is going to make a poster and give it to him.

I hadn’t written anything that autobiographical and detailed about my childhood memories of my Dad and home in years so I was surprised at some of the dormant sentimental memories that popped up.

My writing seems a bit like the guy who wrote the Asperger’s book “Look Me in the Eye” though unlike him I really struggle to inject humor in my writing. I had to do a lot of editing out use of the passive voice, redundant and hackneyed phrases, and my overuse of words such as “really” or “also”

I sent to some friends and family and they gave a lot of applause but not any honest criticism probably because they didn’t want to hurt my feelings. I am next going to submit it to some friends I have in a local writing group and they will dissect it. I think my dad will enjoy it and it will lessen my sadness that I can’t visit him in person because of the virus lockdown.


Thats so nice! 1555

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I’m sure your dad will be so touched by your essay. Can you Facetime or Skype with your dad when he reads your essay, so you can see his reaction?

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Thanks! Yes I might be able to FaceTime if the staff isn’t too busy on Father’s day. The activities coordinator might be able to do a movie clip otherwise.

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What a heart warming story. I’ve been thinking of some of the beneficial effects my parents parenting had on me. They’re both dead, so I can’t tell them about it.

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