I wouldn't want to join any club that would have me as a member

Groucho Marx.

I’m going to join the walking group though.


Yeah sounds a good thing to do. They have one down our shopping center. People go down early and walk up and down the mall and chat then go and have coffee. Always good where you can interact with others.


It’s down at the mental health clinic; my case manager and my therapist are urging me to go. It sounds good to me.


Worth a try

My old therapist wanted me to try a board games group, but at the time my social anxiety prevented it, then Covid happened…

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That sounds awesome! Definitely give it a go if/when covid finally dies.

Ive done a few groups with people. Some was with SZ and another with general MH. Its good fun. It made me realise there are lots of people around my town that have similar issues to me and that its okay to be like that. I also met a couple of people I still keep in contact with years later :slight_smile:

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What kind of walking group is it? Great out doors kind of thing? I’ve thought about joining something like that but Im just a little nervous about doing it.

I’ve tried a few groups in the past, a jogging one and a conversation exchange one. I get really tense in groups plus I was new. Had I stuck with it, I’m sure it would’ve gotten better. Good luck with walking, the exercise is good and the socializing is as good if not better.


Break a leg if you do you can just walk it off, lol I’d love to join

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They meet several miles away. It’s just walking around the neighborhood.

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Lion’s Club. yet to see it, except we could have done this in high school. Women who take their prestige to a level.

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