I would say the majority of my christmas’s Since being ill have been spent alone

And this is how I like it. Not in a snide, critical of my family way but just because I know the holidays are a hard time for me.

I prefer meeting family members in groups of 1 or 2. The full family all at once is ‘critical mass’ for me and my brain


I know how you feel.
There will be too many people over here tomorrow night.
I won’t be able to take it!

Too much for me to handle.
Going to spend Xmas Eve in my room.


My parents are currently having Christmas dinner with my mom’s side of the family because today worked better for some reason than tomorrow. I am at home, in my room, on the internet. I will be doing the same thing on Tuesday when they go to my dad’s side of the family and celebrate with them. I have nothing against my family. It’s just that things have been especially hard lately and sometimes you just need a break.


I also understand how you feel.

It can be too much to take in and cope with so many people.

I isolated from my family when I had delusions and paranoia.
I even thought someone else was my real father because I felt he loved me more and was such a funny admirable man.
I have not felt him for a while.miss him and hope he is well.i think he is funny.

Even just dinner with my boyfriends parents can be unbearable.

I aspens a lot of Christmas zzz alone but since my bf I spend them with him and this year we had lunch with his parents and their friend.
I even curtsied.
I love my enemies and those I dislike I truly love.strange that and I do not seem to hate but my boyfriends parents and friends seem to be very hateful people.they probably need their religion to help them be better people and try to hate less.

I plan on visiting my family and will probably have big get togethers and I may go weird and have difficulties coping despite that I love them and want to bond with them.

Could you spend Christmas with just one person?

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I attended the family gathering and survived!
Thanks @SacredNeigh7.

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