I would like to sue the internet

for the unintended consequence of 22 years of wasted time. think of what i could have been doing had it not been my constant muse.

it takes many years of practice and much self discipline, to use the internet for it’s intended purpose, reading about herbal remedies, getting workout tips, talking about schizophrenia, and buying stuff haha.

thankfully im old enough to remember a life without the internet, my first 12 to 15 years were spent going outside and cursing winter haha.


I kind of hate when people say “this is a waste of time” or “that is a waste of time” because frankly, almost anything you’re doing is not going to be shaping the course of human history and practically anything could be considered a “waste of time”. Unless you are the president of the United States or some similar highly regarded position you almost certainly are spending the vast majority if not all of your time on tasks that are not going to affect the course of human history. So why belittle all of your activities by calling them a waste of time?


I started using the Internet in about 1995. I miss the old internet, it was new and exploring it was fun. I spent a lot of time on IRC, the social media of the time.

I’ve wasted countless hours on the Internet.

Being caught in the rat race is a waste of time. Nobody lives out their dreams. We get educated, work, start families and then perish.

I refuse to live my life this way.

At least we have free time to read and study.

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You weren’t cursing winter when you got those snow days.

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