I won’t stop until someone says I’m not psychotic and I should stop my meds

I just want someone to tell the truthh to me

It’s wrong that I’m being punished just because y’all don’t understand me

Don’t lock my threads please

@Crystal-Cotton you are in a forum for people with psychosis.
People are going to tell you that you have something going on.

If you are looking for someone to tell you that you’re not ill, then you are looking into a wrong forum here.


Aren’t you telling us that the doctors think you’re sick? Didn’t they put you on medication? Weren’t you in a psyche ward?

When I was 15 I was out playing football with my friends every day. No one put me in a hospital because I was functioning. I later got diagnosed at age 19 but I led a semi-normal existence until I was 19.
I’m not saying that I’m better or saner than you.

My point is that if you were functioning OK like a typical 15 year old then the doctors and your parents would leave you alone and let you live the life of a regular 15 year old and you would be out with your friends going to parties or staying out on nice summer nights talking with your friends or neighbors. But that’s not happening, instead you probably have a severe mental illness. I’m not trying to bug you or come down hard on you. I’m trying to point things out.


Look I feel for you but I can’t police this and you are escalating things beyond this board. There’s some issues here and no easy answers. Everyone here has their own issues. If you persist you’ll get a days ban simply because I need to look after some dinner. I’ve admitted there was a mistake. It should have been handled better by me. You post again it’s a 24 hour ban. Please take stock.

Just because you think you’re fine doesn’t mean you are.

Who do you think knows better, a teen with no life experience who feels fine, or their parents, nurses and doctors with experience and training who all agree there are severe enough symptoms to warrant a psych ward trip and heavy antisychotics?

You’ve been delusional and for me that is how it started and turned into voices. Even if you were never to get voices, delusions in itself makes you psychotic person. You need meds we can’t pretend you don’t. I hope you can try and understand. I know it’s a very tough thing to accept in your life but the reality is you don’t have a choice unless you want to go off the rails very possibly.

We understand you don’t want to be psychotic. We understand that you don’t want anyone calling you psychotic. No one does. But it happens. In life, people have bad things happen to them that nobody wants or asked for. But bad things still happen. It’s sad and unfair but that’s how life works.

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@Crystal-Cotton I’m coming back here again because it’s like seeing myself when I was 15.

I didn’t want to admit that there was something wrong with me. So I denied that I had psychosis.

But denying that you have psychosis is going to ruin you more than to benefit you.
It’s going to eventually break you down, and you may have more problems than before.

Please, for the safe of your mental health, stay on your meds and listen to the doctors. You will thank them later after you’ve recovered from your psychosis.

Also, like I told you in a private message, it’s also a preventive measure against further relapses. So staying on meds can help you to stabilize your mental health for good.

@rogueone wrote…

“If you persist you’ll get a days ban simply because I need to look after some dinner.”

LMAO! :laughing: :joy:

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Its not a matter of psychosis, delusion etc instead its about insight. If you have insight of your illness you can go without medication but from your talks it seem like you still lack insight and in such case medications is needed. Those who live without medication may still experience positive symptoms like psychosis, voices etc but they have insight about it and found ways to ignore it, not affect their life etc.

You really seem not able to live outside mental hospital…I was slightly like you and I only got better after they kept me 4-6 months there. Maybe you need long-term mental hospital? Maybe Clozapine will help you… I am sure Drs will try another med or keep you a very long time in mental hospital.

Think of what changed in the past few years to make you think your parents are trying to kill you. Realistically it was only your perception of things. That is what the psychiatrists are trying to medicate.

You’re thinking these things because your brain is injured. They are trying to fix that.

What i’ll suggest is you keep taking medication and also ask your dr, parents to start therapy. Without therapy you won’t be able to function as therapy teaches you the coping skills to live with the condition. After lot of therapy sessions and evaluating your condition doctor may able to reduce medication dose.

You need to accept that you’re ill. Many diseases are worse than schizophrenia: severe depression, cancer, complete paralysis, mental disability, dementia, etc Also poverty is worse than schizophrenia. You’re lucky to have your parents and a medical team taking care of you, just accept their help.

I’m sick and I admit it

What do you believe your sick of?

Psychosis i guess since I was diagnosed with it

That´s good that you align with what the doctors say. But why make a post saying :I´m not psychotic?

Idk i’m just denying it because i dont wanna admit it to myself

Do you feel better now than the last days? When the demons were on tv?