I woke up during an operation once

Was getting dental surgery. Got some acid reflux and it made me wake up.


Was it as fun as I imagine it to be?

It happen to me when I was eight. My ears stuck out. I learn to hate the name monkey. So I was getting my ears fixed so they would not stick out. When I woke up on the operation table. My head was turn to the side and my face was covered and they were working on my right ear. There was no pain but I could feel them working on my ear and the warm blood on my neck. So I did what any eight year old boy would do. Without moving my head I ask them, are you about done yet.
I wish I could have seen the looks on there faces. Someone told me, No we just about done with the first ear.
That was the last I remember till I woke up after.


Gosh, I was worried about waking up in middle of my 2 surgeries in 2016 and cannot move but feel every cut. Or float out of my body because the OR camera system is placed on ceiling…I’m happy to report nothing like this happened, just some REALLY crazy nursing care badmouthing me.

It’s not that rare.