I wish someone would do all my paperwork for me haha

man the year’s just fly by, every year once a year i get medicaid review form in the mail. it’s such a pain in the arse i have to go to the bank and get 4 months of bank statement to send back to them. i wish i had someone to help me with my paperwork, even though its not that frequent. also i get jury duty summons and disability reviews sometimes, but i haven’t got a disability review in 3 years so im wondering if i am now to be reviewed every 7 years instead of 3. anyways i hate paperwork, the medicaid review mail has been sitting here for a month and i haven’t sent it back yet, gonna go to the bank on thursday when im back in my hometown for my shot.

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actually they send dad a copy of the same mailing but he doesn’t help me.

I get help with my paperwork from Assertive Community Treatment.

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