İ wish invega has needlessness technology

İts really great drug overall. İ just hate needles. İ have constant fear about injection with needle cause permanent damage to my nerves. İt would be really fantastic thing to if invega has needlessness technology for injection. Anyone aggree?

There are invega (or generic paliperidone) oral tablets if you can handle taking them. Or at least I’m still taking their pills.


I take the pills too. They work great.


Actually i like the monthly injection idea. You don t have to worry about timing etc. İ just don t like needles for injection. İf injection made with different method (air pressure etc. İ don t know just idea) that would be great.

Like if they came out with a transdermal patch?

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Yes that would be good also💓

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Air shots hurt worse than needles. Try getting it in the rear. Hurts less.

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