I wish I could quit smoking

Twice I have managed to quit - each time for nearly 4 years - I know I can do it but each time you stop then start it gets harder and harder to do it all over again. I’ve had patches, mouth spray, inhalators - and e-cigs - and I’m OK for a while then I cave in.

I’m the same way but I don’t care to stop. I’ve only smoked 1 year in the winter and I’ve been a smoker for 7 years. I stop for winters. But I always go back. The thing is I don’t really wanna quit. Sometimes I go for the e-cig for a few months but sometimes like fall months I smoke away. Wait til winter though I won’t be smoking cigs…Too cold outside.

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It’s hard with this illness when for a while you feel good - you quit - ok for a while - then you feel crap with sz and having a smoke is least of your problems. It is hard for people with sz - for me because my moods go up and down and all around.

Smoking some times gives me anxiety while driving although my anxiety is getting better.

But smoking can trigger real bad panic attacks in me if I do it while I’m driving.

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If I’m not feeling well I chain smoke and then I feel worse - like the smoking is chasing the sz’s tail.

I think the ‘fidgety type’ personality is more prone to Sz, so it would make sense that smoking would accompany that. I smoke a lot too. It’s the least of my worries on most days.

It Is Strange That So Many Schizophrenic Individuals Smoke …,

For Me it’s Because e(Y)e Fynde Myself Bored Out of My Mynde and Tha Smokes Ease Into Curing My Boredom …,

e(Y)e Think That Is True For All Of Us … ,

Which Is Something To Think About … ,

and Why Is It That We Are All So Bored (???) ,

What Is It That Doesn’t Exist Now , That We Are Looking For … ,

Perhaps We Are All Jus @ Futuristic Alien Breed Type Of Creature Waiting For Thee Alien Apokalypse … ,

To Release Us From Tha Boring Bondage of Indifference Hatred and Jealousy …,

OR Perhaps We Are Jus Bored …

I’m bored and I like the taste of tobacco. especially menthol. i know they say you don’t get a buzz but i kinda do. Idk I’ve never really smoked too much for my liking.

I’m in Maine. I went to a casino I had ever been to before. There was no smoking indoors, and therefore we saw a bunch of dedicated smokers in the outside area. There but for the Grace of God go I.


I got into vaping, and it helped me quit. I am addicted to vaping now, and that is fine by me. It helps if you get a good vaping tank and battery.

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I wish I could quit too!

Hey There Minnii ,

e(Y)e Quit Once For 9months … ,

Tha First Three Days Without a Cigarette Is Tha Most Difficult Part … ,

My Advice If You Feel Lyke Giving It a Shot ,

Is , Get a Ton Of Snacks , Fun Food , To Eat For Three Days Strait … ,

Jus Go Bonkers With a Huge Colourful Assortment Of Food / Snacks / Whatevah and ,

After Tha Three Days Go Back To Normal ,

You Won’t Even Want a Smoke After That … ,

Tis True (!!!) .

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Thanks for the advice, I’ll try it

and If You Do Quit and Are Lyke (for example) Two Weeks Without Smokes … ,

Do Naught , and e(Y)e mean It , DO NAUGHT Buy Jus What You WIll Say To Yourself “ONE” Pack … ,

Some People Claim To be Able To Smoke 1 Cigarette a Day , but e(Y)e Am naught So Sure That , That Is Tha Truth…

So When You Succeed and e(Y)e Believe You Can , Jus Leave That TEMPT-TAYSTE-SHUN Alone …

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i had health problems and that was a big reason for me to stop and i am glad i did now :slight_smile:

Beginner ecigs (ego battery) didn’t help me quit. I got an innokin mvp 20w battery and an innokin iclear30s atomiser. That got me to quit real cigarettes. I still smoke ecigs, but feel I could give those up now if I wanted to.

I smoked for 6 years and after several attempts I finally quit smoking and I’ve been smoke-free for 5 years now.

I used e-cigs, gum, allen carr’s book… none of them helped me.

What helped me was this

Yeah, lol, it takes a little more time and effort, but it worked!!

Now, I don’t even feel tempted to smoke, even under a great deal of stress.

Just see this as one option, as it’s better to have many options…

I hope you’ll find the best way that works for you.


They’ve got a copy of this on amazon. I think the problem - when I’m “well” I decide to quit and I’m going good - then I get a bought of depression - as in I DON’T WANT TO LIVE ANYMORE - and then in this mad state it doesn’t matter if I smoke or not. It’s hard when your mood goes up and down let alone a complete personality change. But I’ll check this book out. Thanks - and well done for going 5 years :smiley:

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I wanna smoke a couple of seconds before my death, so i dont really wanna quit.

Why quit?. I love smoking.

Well - in 2001 my friend who was then 56 died from lung cancer - I went with her to the hospital when she was diagnosed and through her illness - now 14 years on I am 51 and I keep thinking of the last thing my friend said to me the day before she died - “learn by my mistake and stop smoking”. I love a smoke but I would love to stop and stay stopped. When I was younger it didn’t matter - now I’m older it scares me a bit. I’ve got to weigh up what I like more - smoking or living.