I wish creativity could be less all or nothing


Wish I could make 50k a year writing poetry and making songs. But it’s like your either a millionaire or nothing. And it’s never a stable income even if you’re successful. Some years are better than others.

It’s not about the money I know. But wish I had some way.



Makes a lot of sense.


Christ I hate money…

I want to go live with the apes in the jungles.

Hopefully I can find a way


You hate money? You used to say that you want to be a millionaire


Yea I’ve given up lol


Good for you! :slight_smile:


I dont know man hopefully I’ll get back on the horse and get focused and ambitious again.


I’ve been writing poetry since i was a teenager and i’ve had to realize that very few, if any, people make a living writing poetry. Most have other jobs they do and do the poetry on the side.