I will die if I get covid...I know it and it scares me

lately I’ve been really getting afraid of this *^&%%ing virus…I am in depression and growing meloncholy. My sister will probably have later repercussions from having covid and I am very sad.


I feel the same. I’m finished if I get it. I hope your sister will be ok.

@jukebox @everhopeful, you’ve got to hang on to hope. If you give up, you’re body may follow suit. Have an attitude of hope, of “I’m going to fight this with everything I have in me”. That’s the fighting spirit that can help you survive


@ZmaGal I think I have asthma…or worse…I am being tested this week to see what’s really going on…lung problems…going to be eating edibles of weed from now on no more smoking…I am on day five of quitting cigs…

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I have asthma too. And I have a faulty immune system. So I’m scared too, but I’m not giving up. I had SARS years ago and fought it off with meds from the dr. I’ve had pneumonia multiple times and fought it off with meds too. I’ve done pulmonary rehab too. But I’m not giving up. I have a husband and kids to think about. So I’m hanging onto a fighting spirit and you should too


You’re right…I’m not too old yet to not put up a fight even if it goes to ICU…thanks…I feel better…sorry if I got your riled up… I love you.


It’s ok to worry and talk about your fears. Just don’t give up

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I nearly got pasted by moron while crossing the street last week. Doesn’t stop me from walking, but it made me more cautious.

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My dad had Covid last year. At least that’s what he thinks. Took him 2 weeks to get rid of it. My stepmom also had it.

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I also have underlying health conditions that put me at increased risk of a poor outcome if I get COVID-19.

I am very careful when I go outside my home and always wear a 3-layer fabric face mask, use hand sanitizer frequently, don’t touch my face, socially distance to the extent possible, quarantine my outside-the-home clothes in my garage after use, and take a shower when I return home.

I also always wear a 3-layer fabric facemask when I visit my elderly mom to drop off her groceries. Unfortunately, my elderly mom seems to be letting her guard down regarding COVID more and more. She meets her friends in each other’s homes inside without wearing masks. This has been a real sore point with me because I have bent over backwards to protect her from COVID exposure and then she is not very careful herself and doesn’t take COVID very seriously, it seems.

If my elderly mom does get COVID at some point, I would need to move to her house to take care of her and likely expose myself in the process. I have point blank told her that I may well not survive if I were to contract COVID, nor might she due to her age, but it seems to fall on deaf ears.

At this point, I figure that I’ve done everything I can to protect me and my mom from COVID, and I guess the chips will just fall where they may.


It is not true that if you are vulnerable you are going to die 100%.
For example I looked at statistics earlier today and for example for people aged 90 or more the risk of dying is 25%. Yes if you get severe symptoms the risk of death is high but you may also get a mild case of COVID.


My father and I are both high risk.
I may or may not survive it but considering my fathers advanced age and underlying health issues he probably won’t survive.

We hardly ever leave the house except going to the medical center every 3 weeks.


I had a bad flu for 3 weeks back in March 01 I stayed in bed for like 10+ days. That was before the world sounded the big warnings

Two things stand out… First, smoking definitely puts you in a higher risk category. Second, you’ve posted about frequently having to eat repetitive meals that are low in nutrition because of money issues. Weed ain’t cheap. Cigs ain’t cheap. Quit both and put that $$$ into better food. Get out for some walkies several times per day with your GF. You’ll feel better and lower your risk level. Also, if you’re buying booze? Ditch the Devil Juice and invest that into a better diet, too.

I’m informed that I’ve gone from high risk this spring to moderate risk at the present time. I’ve lost 60 lbs, I’ve cleaned up my diet, and I walk so much daily that I can do a 20km hike now without blinking. My diabetes cleared up, my acid reflux cleared up, I was able to go off a blood pressure med, and I no longer need my CPAP machine to breathe at night. There are things I can’t change like my wonky heart, the new a-fib issue, and being a high risk for stroke, but there are areas where I can make a difference and I’m working as hard as I can towards those goals.

I’m not the healthiest person – that’s a fact – but I managed to dramatically lower my COVID risk in half a year by committing to some achievable lifestyle changes. Hoping you’ll consider the same.

Cheers mate.


thank you Sean…I don’t drink except maybe twice a year…and that’s when friends buy the alcohol so that’s not an issue…I quit smoking cigs five days ago…and I only buy about $40 worth of weed a month…so that’s not an issue either…I am sorry you suffer health wise so much…thanks…

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