I watched Split

I watched it, i became obsessed. It is great, genius, it is dope.
Forget what snowflakes critics tried to input, that the movie misrepresents the mental illness…it is bs. It goes deeper than that.
But of course, the director needed a touch of animality to it, since its it movie and not a documentary, so he introduced us to 24-th identity of Kevin: the Beast.
I think it’s a pretty damn good horror movie and actually not too disturbing. The acting is top notch. I recommend it sincerely.


Did u went cinema theatre to watch the movie. .

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I watched it online :slight_smile:

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I’ve not seen Split, but heard it badly portray MI people

There are no people…just James McAvoy portraying a person with DID. I found no big issues in the way he did it, his acting was brilliant.

I didn’t want to like this movie because of his last disaster “The Visit” in which he made monsters out of an elderly couple with sz. I was so offended by that movie! But I was intrigued by Split so went to see it. The acting is brilliant! The premise that people who have been abused have amazing coping skills, and that the mind can be an intricate defense mechanism spoke to me.
I would recommend it too, @Sarad.

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I havent watched Visit but I was going to…I thought that the twist was that the elderly couple were not the kid’s real grandparents.
Have to watch it now definitely.

I was put off it when I read the plot but if it’s actually good then I may watch it! :slight_smile:

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my regular personality is like beast all the time.

It was awful! And, yes, that’s the twist, that the couple aren’t the kids grandparents, and we find out that they escaped from a mental institution… It would be a terrible movie without the sz reference, but with such a disgusting misrepresentation it’s awful.

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I wanted to see this so bad

I actually liked the movie and the twist. The child actors were very good I thought. But I’m a horror fan and can understand why some won’t like it.

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Bear in mind that there are forum members who may have dissociative identity disorder in addition to their other diagnoses of sz/sza, psychotic disorders, etc.

Having DID portrayed in a Hollywood horror film, regardless of the quality of the acting, may be distressing and/or offensive to folks who are diagnosed with DID.

In my opinion it’s a shame that Hollywood continues to propagate the idea that people with MI somehow belong in horror films.



I’m a horror fan, but I don’t want the “monsters” to be people with schizophrenia. Does nothing to help de-stigmatize the condition. They could have been a creepy old couple who were undiscovered serial killers, escaped from an elder care facility or something. Why choose to describe them as having schizophrenia? That’s what bothered me.


Wow @Hedgehog @Moonbeam! I went on a date with a guy from eharmony who really wanted to see that movie after I told him I had SZ over the phone. We left because I got motion sickness. I didn’t know it was about that! What a ■■■■■■■! :sob: :sob: :sob:


Nope, im not down with that much of political correctness. Maybe that’s because I’m from Balkan where the PC speech is actually in need…but some cultures have gone too far, in my humble opinion.
I mean, if we go by that argumentation, then none of so called minorities or vulnerable groups ( say, LGBT, kids, physically disabled etc) “shouldn’t” be in horror movies or represented in bad context whatsoever.
My only criteria to consider a movie good is the depth of approaching the problem ( of the negative actor)
Honestly, there are mentally Ill people who committed crimes. That’s a fact. Sociopaths and psychopats are also under the MI category. “Psycho” was done about thirty years ago. It added nothing good nor the bad to the issues of MI people. Because normal people know that there is fictional reality and the demands of the genre, and then, there is reality.

Just my take on this.

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this was written by mnight shamamalama … lets put that into perspective… he made mark walburg afraid of the wind…or trees for a damn hour anda half… hes not really known for his awesome dialogs deep characters… its mostly just the crap twist 7/8 the way through the movie… I find it hard to believe that this is his comeback gem… I found more connection and depth to the fictional chars in jay and silent bob over all of shamalamas movies combined… don’t care that its probably crapping on one of my mi… and im a horror junkie… but what he did to avatar the last airbender and making the twist in the alien movie they die by water…ya ■■■■■■■… well those put him on the shite list for life… fool me once shame on you fool me 5 times and your mnightshamalalma and ill be damned if he gets that counter to 6… lol all jokes but he seriously sucks…who keeps giving him money…

cant crap on it without offering alternatives… no you didn’t pay to see this… I know… but advice 99% of horror modern horror movies are cut and past rip offs of older horror movies…either their remakes or major plot devices are borrowed from an older movie or several… the other 1% are japanes horrors lol and most of them are disgusting lol… so recommending a newer American horror movie specifically by mnight will meet resistance… and should… go watch the awesome classics that inspired these movies… Alfred Hitchcock is the man in shamalamas case I would probably guess he likes to borrow from… the twist and the way the dialog is read is kind of a indicator… seeing how the master did it and then watching this poor mimic try should give you new perspective on horror…

We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one. I found it completely ridiculous and stupid. It would be enjoyable in its dumbness if it wasn’t making a spectacle of people/monetizing on people with mental illness.

I’ve been so disappointed with Shymalan’s recent movies. Did you see devil? That movie may as well have been a comedy.


@Hedgehog i watched The Visit and i totally agree with you. He exploited the case of psychiatric patients shamelessly. At least he should have added a note after the movie was over: " Bear in mind that I didn’t consider the facts about mental illnesses while I was making this movie and I demonized the subject because I’m an ■■■■■■■. So sorry. Mr.Night Shyalaman.

But the Split is not such a case. :slight_smile:

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