I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and I'm scared

Personally, after all these years for me it has only gotten worse ---- luck off it has not been better…

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I have often support frozen from you :unamused:

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I’ve had schizophrenia for 16 years so far. I’ve managed to graduate college, work full time, get married, buy a house, and am in the process of adopting a child. There are no barriers on what you can achieve. It just takes a lot of work and a bit of luck. Thanks to medication and therapy, I haven’t had a hallucination or delusion in over three years.


I’m doing CBT at the moment although[quote=“gessigenezi, post:15, topic:181144”]
What kind of therapy are you taking?

therapy is therapeutic if you get along with your doc. I’ve had a few that I couldn’t stand but my current one is great. In addition to regular appointments with a pdoc every few months, I’m doing cbt for insomnia at the moment and it is a lot of help.

it took me a while before I could get used to being required to see a pdoc, but life has improved considerably.

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I have insomnia pretty much everyday, I will talk to my pdoc about it! And thanks for the info

Thanks! And I love Rick and Morty

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Thanks, I will read about it

Thanks! And nice to meet you :smile:

Thank you very much for your support! I’m definitely going to stick around, now I have hope

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Thank you!! I’ve been reading so I hope even if I have lots of dark days , you guys give me some hope that’s not going to be always like that

Take it slow and easy too, I have hope everything is going to get easier with time!

I will read about it than you, did it work for you?

Wow that’s amazing! Congrats on the adoption!!! I’m about to get married too! Is it difficult to live with the other person? I’m afraid i’ll fail


I am doing it, she prescribed the meds, thanks

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Hello @gessigenezi! Welcome to the forum. I hope you find it a source of comfort, as well as a place to meet some online friends.

The symptoms of Schizophrenia don’t last forever. With the right medication, you can really managed both the positive and negative symptoms quite well. Maybe it’ll never fully clear away, but you’ll certainly improve. Always take your medication, and always keep the people who matter in your life informed about how things are going for you. And have a good relationship with your pdoc and treating team.

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Hi I’m Roxanna. Welcome !

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Hey. How old are you? I got schizophrenia when I was 14, and it was really bad for a while, but now it’s gotten much better. I don’t hallucinate very much these days and I’m not delusional. My symptoms are mainly cognitive, negative, and social, and my mom says that even those are getting better. I know that your life probably sucks right now, but trust me, it’s not forever. You’ll make it out of this. Welcome to the forum!


I find it much easier to live with Mr. Star than without him.

welcome to the forum :slight_smile: it gets easier over time in most cases,

there is a book called Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker that was suggested to me. It talks about sz in chapter 5 I think and claims lack of sleep contributes to the onset of sz but doesn’t offer much in the way of proof of that. Still, the book does have plenty of useful stuff in it.

Getting to bed and getting up at the same time every day whether you feel like it or not and keeping a diary is part of cbt for insomnia. I’ve had insomnia for a long time but showed a considerable improvement after 3 weeks.