I want to understand the world

It’s a great feeling that I have for some time now, I can’t compare it with nothing I’ve seen and it’s still a little raw and I can’t put my finger on it

This is my first definition of what I feel and I think it will change in time, becoming more clearer:

I want to cultivate virtutes for myself, to have a greater understanding of the world on a deeper level, as I said the definition of the feeling is still raw I hope I will figure it out

Do you have some books you can recommend me?

Classical philosophy, Greek philosophers before Socrates: Heraclitus, Parmenides, Empedokles, Pythagoras, philosophers after Socrates: Plato, Aristotle, Cynics, stoicism, neoplatonism

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I don’t think I’m made for philosophy

German idealism: Kant, Heggel.
Schopenhauer, Nietzsche

Lol. I’m probably the worst to give book advice, but probably an economics textbook, freakanomics, or a calculus textbook. Worst book I read was The Prince. Made me think everyone was a narcissist.

Without philosophy, you cant find happiness and purpose in life. Try Indian philosophy, Buddhism, vedanta, Tao, zen

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Freakonomics seems like a scam

Well, it’s not a scam. It’s a very enlightening book on the stupidity of people.

the prince, haha. it’s a machiavelli book if that’s the one they are referencing. good strategy book i hear.

go with some fiction stuff to ease and distract the mind. if philosophy is not what you want right now then textbooks are good to keep some aspects of your mind sharp.

spiritual, historical and reference pieces are good too. it’s trying to understand what fits your mind and keeps your interests. you can go for what everyone else is into later.

every once in awhile, read something you don’t want to. you never know when your gonna be surprised and it’s healthy. helps you see things from another perspective and reminds you why you don’t like something instead of just hating it.

@insidemind thanks for the suggestion on freakonomics, did a quick search on it. i’ll check it out.

Maybe some classics like Darwin or Steinbeck

So the thing for me is, like creationism and everything aside, the world did not come into existence and be as it is today with the intention of you understanding it or comprehending it completely at any point.

So, while you can continue to pursue knowlegde which may or may not help clarify your questions (indeed, you may only end up with more), I think it would be in your best interest to study what makes you happy, or even not study anything at all, if that, in fact, makes you happier than the pursuing something.

As for books, I don’t read books right now, haven’t in a while, but still read little things like online articles, simple little things I can handle. So I can’t really help you there.

I haven’t watched these videos because I find them a bit unwatchable. I don’t like the guys, the teachers pushed them on me toward the end of high school and I don’t like the format of these videos now.

Maybe you will find something you can follow in there:

You may be able to find more meaning from watching documentaries as well. TED talks are absolutely free.

As for science, this is a great educational tool:

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Books on virtues? I like the Bible. But besides that aesops fables comes first to mind. I haven’t read this book yet but the book of virtues by William Bennett.

if you havent already heard of these guys, theyre great, they have video summaries of these kinds of things which are great! i watched a few of the philosophy ones! im not big on reading, but they have a website leans more toward text if thats what you wanna do!

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I like them. And many others. Improvement pill. Psych 2 go. (Had to add to make more characters)

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Thank you guys.

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heres the good stuff, the heartmeat core


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