I want to scream

I hate him. I hate him. I hate him.

Hope you are ok Gab :frowning:

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I am def not ok at all.

Sorry Gab, Can i help? its late here but i’m not tired x

I dont know what to think

im psychotic and my dad wouldn’t stop yelling its like he wants me this way he told me i did this i did that i told everyone he’s rich I DID NOT U ■■■■■■

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Maybe you just need some professional help, i am sorry if this is not helpful,

whatever maybe you need some professional help too

Fathers can be a real pain. I was never anyone but afraid of mine.

I have the dresser in front of my door and I told him off over the phone and asked him to stop talking about himself and get out of my life…

maybe your dad needs professional help as well then i guess

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Does he have a place to go?

yes he leaves after patronzing me to his secret existence

Well, at least you know it will end when he leaves.

Omg he is far beyond help…when narcissism is worse than madness.

It feels like a dark comedy show. Episode after episode of endless laughs.

I have no mind. Thank God Im not.

Is he at your place now?

I am isolating myself to withdraw from cigarettes and everything else I wont be going anywhere idc if he comes to the house but I have the door locked and I dont want to do what others tell me.

I hope it works out ok for you

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