I want to say sorry

Because I got ban for 3 days for some ■■■■ I said, I understand that this place is a like a rehabilitation center, I will not talk about drugs anymore


How are you guys doing, its 4 am here, just drinking my coffee. You??


I’m trying to figure out how to minimise / mute the voices with an alkaline diet and ionized water, on top of my antipsychotic.

Want my mind silence back.


Did you change the meds? Those before were working better?

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Been playing fallout 4 for hours and hours and hours today.

Tomorrow is a big day for me. I get to move all my stuff into a single location. Right now I’m spread out across three.

From there it should feel a lot easier to look forward… just look at the future as a set of pay walls I gotta be ready for.

I haven’t had coffee since sunday… I know it’s only tuesday… but I feel it… both overly fatigued and bored… but also relaxed. I try to take a break like that every week. Gets tough when my mother is telling me to lay off because I just want to rebel!

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Lesson learned, I guess you need to be more careful this time.

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I’m going to change my meds to Geodon next week. Nice that you remembered.

You can drink 5 coffee a days at 2 3 hours intervals, with lot of milk, this is how I survive throw the day.
Are you moving? @Azley

You’re banned until the 19th and you’re back with a second account?!!?!?!?

[ instinctively ducks incoming ban hammer ]



I guess I am addicted for this place @velociraptor + its a good time spend… I have to be careful because I’m new I only have like 20 messages in the first 24 hours

Dude. Seriously. Creating a second account to cheat your ban only gets you banned for longer.