Talk to me

Hey Im bored my friend is working some others are sleeping Im enjoying myself this night and I wanna talk to some people so tell me how you doing brothers and sisters

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@Aziz why can’t I send you a pm?

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I blocked pms as some psychotic users were sending me triggering delusions. I am bored too, played CoD in the morning, then chatted with my father and his friend, we had coffee and bbq peanuts. I also spoke to a friend. I am now vaping and listening to music while browsing the internet.

Sounds cool Im doing stuff that would get me flagged so not gonna say but passing time talking to some crazy girl on reddit who needs 35$. Idd send it to her its just that I dont use paypal so Idk

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You can send your snapchat or something if you wanna talk or we can talk on reddit

I like talking here. I dont like contacts outside here other than for gaming.

Now the girl is getting serious seems like Ill have a little show tonight

Alright man I understand if you wanna stay private

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Its funny you still game I used to play wow and swotor alot but I stopped. I even went to japan when I got out of the psychward but then everything dissappeared when the negative symptoms started building up

I just play Call of Duty Cold War and Warzone.

I have 25 games installed on my PC but I only play 1.

Right now Im gonna make the girl take her clothes off and she will spend the night with me online just so you know that you can also do stuff from your bed :wink:

Honestly I just like to watch porn instead, its easier lol


@Echidna. Just a reminder about forum guidelines


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