I am quitting schizophrenia forum

Overall the situation is such.
I have schizophrenia, but I believe antipsychotic medications are bad, better without them.
I cannot abide a forum where the use of these poisonous medications is encouraged.
I thus ask for a permanent suspension.

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you cant tell me bc my meds are great for me, i would be in a really bad place without them.

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Dangerous meds but they are all we have against psychosis and madness. I can’t imagine where I would be without them


Wouldnt it be good to stay, ESPECIALLY if you have a different view from the majority? I personally am not a big fan of meds either, and wish other routes to recovery were explored more in mental health services, although i can see meds function as a last resort. I think it is useful if different views are also heard.


So you haven’t noticed that the majority of people taking meds function at least 10x better than you do?


I agree. I think it is good to have a few people on here who have experienced the side effects of the meds and who represent a dissenting opinion about them.

I have no problem if people make an informed consent decision to take them. I just don’t like forced drugging, when these meds can have some very nasty and serious side effects. I feel it is a human rights violation, but society doesn’t seem to care. We’re one of the few groups where the media, the government, and the general public feel it is okay to discriminate against us and take away our freedoms and rights even if we don’t violate any laws.


@Chess24. You will need to direct this request to @SzAdmin.

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I must say, i am ambivalent, but i do think all sides should be heard.

I think there is a use for meds, even forced meds. It is just… I think there should be true acknowledgement of the side effects of meds and the trauma of force and the violation of rights. And the possibilities to prevent them, meds and force, especially in the years before psychosis.

That is off topic though. I just dont think someone should leave for having a different view on meds.


But he doesn’t want deletion, but permanent suspension. Who’s in charge of that? This post says only about deletions not suspensions.

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yep, thats a huge give away @Chess24

if you want to leave though i’m not going to beg you to stay lol

Account anonymization is permanent for that user account. The user can always create a new account – that’s their perogative.

It is exceedingly rare to permanently suspend a user from the forum and then only for egregious cause and only by @SzAdmin.

With that said, we do routinely permaban duplicate accounts since those are against forum guidelines, but we leave the user’s primary account active in that instance.


@Chess24. Why don’t you just stay off the forum?

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@Chess24 dude do what you want…if you don’t want to take meds then so be it…you will soon find out you made a mistake, problem is…you might not make it back to reality…I wish you well.

the meds really do help a lot of people. and doctors are honest about the bad things they can do to patients who take them. i dont see why you cant find comfort in a community of people who are medicated to help them. i personally don’t take antipsychotics for the same reason, but i understand that they help most people who take them


You’re welcome here, Chess. You just need to be at peace with yourself.

I know that you are physically fit. A real man is physically, mentally and emotionally strong.

Tomorrow will be a new and refreshing day for you. :sunflower:

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Not seen you post for a while Chess, hope you stay as we all need support from time to time that isn’t forthcoming in real life


I know you look forward to trying gene-based treatments, but it will be a while before those see the light of day.
In the meantime please accept that antipsychotics were created by the same scientific community that will probably devise such treatments in a distant future.

Antipsychotics aren’t inherently bad. They do have side effects and chance does play a part too, but it’s way better than staying unmedicated.

Or do you enjoy hearing voices that repeatedly tell you to commit suicide or to leave Israel ??


I hear this all the time on Facebook

I’m not taking them they’re poison

what next your food is poisoned, your cigarettes?

these are the people who need meds the most.

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This week it’s Romaine Lettuce. I am doing the responsible thing and eating chocolate instead.



that’s not poison though, Pixel,

that’s bacteria. Poison is done on purpose.