I want to move on from this site

It’s to addictive and messing with my work…its interrupting it


lol… that will happen man.

Power to you anyway. I’ve appreciated you being around.

Take care man.

Everything in moderation…will miss ya so if too addicting, understand. Check in and say hi, though. Wanna know you’re as ok as best as you can. Hugs

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Honestly, I was sitting here and realized. How many times I have to say to people your health and self respect is important…feel like a broken record…

This is a good place to learn and to teach, people here are open minded, remain here,

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Normal people who have full-time jobs don’t come to this website. The same can be applied to those minority schizophrenics that are working as well.

Yea that’s why maybe I don’t belong here ?

I totally agree. If you can work and cope with your schizophrenia while on the job. Go for it.

Hey, I’ve got a full time job at home for instance right now I’m making husbands lunch, breakfast, snacks for both of us, and feeding dogs while posting. I’ve already done an ass ton with iPad nearby. Banana bread in oven bread for sandwiches, six grain bread almost done in bread machine and last night made my own preserves for almond butter homemade almond butter and my blueberry preserve sandwiches. Didn’t have brown bananas so bread taking longer so had to brown @200 constantly flipping. Last night I also made sourdough crackers to have as snacks, too…etc etc…cooking,cleaning, taking care of dogs, working on projects from drs, exercising etc keeps me as busy if not more than when I worked. My dogs shed and husband has allergies so I totally keep myself busy.

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What I’m saying is you can work us in…just don’t jeopardize your job cuz but would be missed

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