I want to get this

I really like it



Well that’s super pretty!

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That’s quite nice. Which colour did you like - the white or brown or black?

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I like the white

I don’t know what it is with women and furniture

My mom wants me to get a new couch

I’m like mom there’s nothing wrong with the couch

Besides, Don Juan would just destroy the new one too…

Good taste. I liked the white one too. That colour can make it more difficult to keep clean, but so long as you clean it every now and then it should be alright.


I also like the white. My only interest in furniture is function and comfort, I prefer a minimalist approach to decorating. The wife therefore excludes me from decisions regarding this.

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I like it… and actually is a bargain by the price


That’s really nice. I was going to get something like that.


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