I want to change my life

From the beginning,
I am quite lost.
But my whole life I was listening to others, mostly my parents opinions.
I always felt like I need to be perfect, good, amazing, smart, rich… and I believe this stress also contributed towards my psychosis.
Now I just want to be myself (even though I am rarely sure who am I)
I dream of finally finding my own unique clothing style, leaving for 100% my parents house, also start writing everyday. Simply to become happy.
Also there are minor things I want to change in myself. Also start to more listen to my inner voice.


I’m sure you fit perfectly in your life.

When I’m looking back my life has changed to the one i’m always been

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Good luck on your quest. I wanted to change my life long back but now only I am able to make positive changes. I used to be very scared and I was not able to comprehend things and often got episodes and become less trust worthy.

But things can change for good if we keep trying and not fall into the pit of negativity. It is easier said than done. But it is worth going through the right path. It will surely benefit for us.

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Thank you!! I wish you good luck also.

It’s sometimes hard to make changes or to change, but I believe I will succeed.

Also I am quitting smoking!!


Yes you can. Things can be good if we make positive changes. You are on right track.

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Have you written down ideas of the changes you would like to make? Have you started setting goals, both small and large?

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