I want this jeep plz

plz plz plz


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The wanting and the craving will never bring you joy! Even if you had it the joy would be momentary.

Time to look for another path perhaps…


some dreams can come through…

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Me thinks this is a BMW, @san_pedro.

yep its cost is 6000 euro

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Realistically not.

When has a dream ever come true?

Aspire maybe. Make your aspiration come true through perseverance, hard work and luck, but sitting there dreaming will only cause you pain.

Is it what the car represents to you that is so appealing? The accompanying lifestyle perhaps? The hope that all that necessary money to acquire it will bring you happiness? Is that really achievable? If it is not then you will crave and never be satisfied which means unhappiness.

Is it the beauty alone that you desire? There is beauty everywhere! You don’t need to own it to see it.

I could go on, but I fear that I will bore you.

im not craving noting…many of my dreams have came through already…

its only a cheap jeep like and its in my price range

no harm in good goals to make and have,

I am full of joy anyway

gotta keep on keeping on


I bet everyone forgets that the SUV first became popular because people would go four wheeling with them. How many people go four wheeling in their SUV’s now?

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Why don’t you buy it then? What year is it? Seems a bit old.

i will buy it…

Its 05 year

I always wanted one

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Once you own a BMW, you’ll never want to drive anything else. Wife and I had a 2008 X5, and the thing was amazeballs. Engine seals and rear suspension airbags went, so off it went to auction. :frowning:

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Personally I wouldn’t buy a 16y.o. car, will probably have problems especially that BMW parts and repair are very expensive. I would rather get a newer Toyota Rav4, Honda CRV or Nissan jeep for the same price, less problems and much less costly repairs. My brother has an Audi and broke his right side mirror, just the replacement part was 2500$, he had to pay for installing it on top of the 2500$.


I think that’s cheap since its a big ca r plus I believe they are better to handle. I think that my learners permits experience was with a jeep.

It’s funny, I have always drove Toyota’s, my latest car being RAV4.

But it’s had its day and it’s costing me money, so I just bought my first Jeep. So far so good

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I’m spending too much on a car that’s parked most of the time. Not worth it. Need to have less car and car expenses in my life moving forward.

I’m gonna get a Mazda Cx 30 Compact SUV one day.

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There is a car …
I don’t know if you like it

Its called jimny

I’m saving for the millenium falcon. It might be awhile. :smiley:

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