I want this girl in my life

This is what I texted her

Hey _____ I’m not sure if you remember me but we hung out in January I think. I met you on meet me.com and we went to the bird sanctuary. We talked a bit and you told me about your thoughts on mental illness. Well I’m not sure why I never called you back but I think it had to do with my own self and my own mental illness. I’ve been diagnosed with schizoaffective since I was 19 and probably had it earlier. I was really struggling at the time but I’m doing really well now. I really think hanging out with some one Who understands mental illness would be good for me. Just friends and all but I was in a bad place at that time and now I’m in a good place and if you wanted to I would be willing to hang out again. I have friends but none of them I feel I could talk to about the mental illness that way I could with you and you were also interested in other subjects that I like too. I feel we have a lot in common but at the time I didn’t think so for some reason. I remember telling my therapist that I didn’t think we had much in common which is wrong. If any of that sounds good then let me know and maybe we can hang out sometime this week/end. If not no hard feelings and if you wanted to text I’d be OK with that too. You seemed like a very kind and considerate person. Peace! -Jon.


Don’t say peace though man, that ■■■■ u say to your friends

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lol it’s fine man this is America!! The land of the free I can say whatever I want. Jk. She kissed me and said “I hope you wanna hang out again”. But I never called her I was really struggling at the time.


I hope she texts you back.


Yeah I wasn’t sure if there was a statue of limitation on dating


I once flaked on a guy and then texted him out of the blue a year and a half later. If she liked you, she will be pleased, even if she has already found a relationship by now.


don’t say that much in general…

Like be poignant… it’s more bad ass as less burdensome.

Bog down a girls time by force and it can leave her not liking you.

I’d just hang out until one of the women you like actually likes you… hold off in really showing her the feelings are mutual until you get a sense that she’s not just being shallow or trying to pass time.

People with genuine feelings will get upset and be passive agressive and strange if nothing is happening in the face of them… it’s all about coordinating timing from there in how to give them what they’ve wanted and reverse their perspective on the ■■■■ that is breaking their heart.

Girls really do like guys who are more or less all about their own lives… They are more active and speak from a perspective that maintains balance on what the relationship is…

Dude girls are crazy. They got more self-defensive code to them and what makes them comfortable with something serious than can ever be written down… and on the other side they can totally suspend everything and just get to the sex without strings as a means to an end…

If you want something serious it should be with a girl who has known you for long enough she already understands your identity and loves you for it… if you don’t know who those girls are already then you should just acknowledge that you won’t be in a proper situation for serious relationship until you meet some women as friends and never put pressure on them to do anything at all… and then see which ones wind up liking you… for who you are, what you want, and how you handle yourself over time…

Gotta be just as passionate about life in general not just a life with a woman… and go into everything with the weight that you are just as important as they are… let it shape your politics… even down to when you are left ignoring that they are out there until whatever personal hub bub is old water…

It’s funny when you can get into a situation where you just don’t give girls any signs of them having power over you… and you just lock them into it cause you are finally over the prospect of having sex with them being a thing or not… you don’t want to butter up and you don’t owe them ■■■■.

You treat them just like a person and it doesn’t flinch… and your ego goes unscathed because their opinions don’t matter any differently than anyone else’s…

Girls are crazy… messing with dudes heads is a significant part of their lives… but I think a lot of it stems from women being considered second rate in a lot of ways… especially regarding intelligence and emotionality… so they get dudes all wound up and jealous at each other and play games so they can feel their own strength and dominance…

Most of that ■■■■ only occurs in the time-frame of their life where they really don’t want anything serious…

Sex is just a cool thing that happens at the end of parties… and it’s not ever really the back bone of any significant relationship…(and most of the time the sex isn’t great either.)

I don’t know why I’m spilling all this on here… but those are my thoughts on the matter and I do like spelling them out so I can see them from the outside.

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I think your letter shows you are cute. But when a guy sends me an email i usually want him to show interest of me. Asking questions …responding to what i say. And if i ask a question and he doesnt answer thats a big no no.

also girls don’t really mind it, but I think when they see how far it can go they wind up pretty creeped out when dudes sit there and overtly calculate how to get with them… or get them to be their bf/gf…

if you put it all out on the table at once the girl is going to lose interest because she can see it plainly as it is…

You also take an ego hit because you start seeing yourself as something that needs to be presentable from tip to toe… instead of focusing on just being a good person to be around and maintaining that being a beacon of enjoying life first and accepting you have inescapalbe needs later on.

I like my approach because I let myself do all of it and consider it a psuedoscientific experiment… just gathering notes so some day I can write and then close the novel without curiousity or frustration left and get real about just doing things naturally and seeing where they go.

For now though that is one of the elements the girls I know will have to accept… it’s my vengeance in the face of them being so fake and screwy and just playing around… be like… I WILL DO IT! I WILL CRACK THE CODE!.. it’s how I look at it first and all of you… whether you like it or not I’m using you for research!

Hah… I hope at least one person finds that funny.

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