I want another one!

Yeah very few people were getting tattoos during the 90s when I started getting my tattoos.

Today every Tom Dick and Harry are getting tattoos.

IMO they lost their charm and mystique.

I have 6 tattoos and don’t plan on getting any more.


I think tattoos should be well done and have a meaning. I see a lot of guys having ton of tattos and saying things like “I want a full sleeve”, but that makes it seem like they just want them to seem cool.


I do think they’ve lost some of their ah mystique as you say but I still love them and I’m not getting them to impress other people so it doesn’t matter to me who does and doesn’t have them.

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I agree that they should have meaning. At the same time I’m not gonna bash somebody cause they got something just cause they think it’s cool. That’s their decision. I just know my tattoos will have meaning to me.

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