I wanna volunteer 4-8 hours of my time per week

At a humane society where they care for cats and dogs.

I COULD work to get paid.

But I have not many expenses right now and I get disability

I figure I’m better off volunteering at a animal shelter.

And then who knows they could like me and hire me and it could be a dream come true

If not I still get to cuddle with puppies and kittens, cats and dogs.

Seems like a win win win to me.


We are not accepting new applications at this time and do not keep a waiting list. Please check back at a later date.

Oh darn it!!!

Plan Bbbbbbbbb


I’ve considered this too, but I’m too sensitive when it comes to seeing animals suffer. I imagine there’s a danger of seeing animals suffering when they’re first handed in.


I have previously volunteered at a nature center in my town

Come to think of it. I hated the staff there. But that was also 6 years ago.

Maybe it’s a new staff. As well as I’m a new Person practically now

I’m pretty sure I didn’t ruin my opportunity for future endeavors there. Maybe I can try again now :thinking:


I had volunteered at a spay and neuter clinic. Basically just walking dogs post-op and giving dogs and cats back to their owners when they came to pick them up. Of course cleaning kennels too. Maybe there’s something like that there? Or boarding facilities.

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it sounds wonderful! if you have the energy it would be great!

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I emailed the nature center

It’s more exotic animals

Birds of prey, snakes, rare mammals even, much more reptiles and amphibians and insects like Madagascar cockroaches.

They say volunteer is limited right now but I told them I’ve volunteered before in 14-16 so maybe that helps my cause


Good luck @Jonnybegood!!!

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You could volunteer for walking your neighbor’s dogs every now and then.


Howd you know all of my neighbors have dogs :dog:

I would love to volunteer at the Humane Society. Unfortunately, they aren’t accepting anyone with covid going on

I also checked out a local Wildlife Sanctuary. But they are looking for someone to do heavy physical labour, which I cannot with my back

I’ll have to wait until this covid ■■■■ is over


I live in an area with lots of dog walkers. My girls earned extra volunteer hours for their school by dog walking for our neighbors.

I just thought it might be a good fit for you as well seeing as you like animals.


They do have dogs though. And pools. Every single one of them


Good for you; pitching in.
Sad about places not taking new volunteers.

Hopefully, once the virus situation is less or more handled, positions become available.


maybe there is a website where you could walk dogs from like over here there is a cool site called borrow my doggy

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What about the library?

I volunteered at mine for a few years. One of my favorite things to do was reshelve books.

It was fun to see what people were reading, and it was a nice, quiet activity I could do without stress or having to talk to anyone. You could do it with headphones or just alone with your thoughts. I like to categorize and put things order, so it was satisfying and a little stress-relieving too.

Not sure if you’d be interested in that, but I thought it was a pretty good gig.


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