I used to envy people with a good family support network

Some people on here seem to have a good family who cares about them.

Likewise people on the family forum care enough to be on the family forum.

And I used to envy that. I wished I had it.

But not anymore really. I’m stable enough that thankfully I don’t need any family help.

My family made me stand on my own two feet. I had no choice. I made it this far in spite of them, and not because of them.

But now I feel free. Free of them, free of the need for them. And free from the envy of others.


So we’re they envious of you or what?

Having a good family support system is good but for a lot of people I’ve met it’s not good enough. I also had to really support myself during the tough times too and realized that there are also other coping mechanisms and I’m grateful for the ones I have and not the ones I don’t have.


We used to have big family gatherings, which I long for again. I don’t, however, miss most of my family. They are chaos.

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I’m sorry you haven’t had much family support.

What I’ve learned is it doesn’t ever pay to be jealous.

Cuz grass is always greenest on the other side of the fence.

That said I’m very thankful for my parents now.

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Well…I had family support, but it hasn’t made a difference when it came to my relapses. There was nothing they could do, and I could hardly explain my experience to them. Only in big wide strokes.

But I guess it is a plus to have someone who can help with housing and finances and getting stuff in order if things get out of hand. Takes away some stress.

I wish everyone had someone. At least a professional they could talk to.

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Yea I prefer hanging out with my friends than with family. I feel like a baby when hanging out with family but I still do it to pass time as my friends are not always free for me, they work full time, go to the gym, etc

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Well I’m glad you’re able to live on your own thats good.


Glad you came out of the proverbial ‘wormhole’ and can talk from the other side, it is inspiring… sounds a wee bit like ‘self Love’ today from you!! I recall you saying you don’t get that concept… And I found that endearing bc I think it’s hard for so many but is brutal honest stuff.

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