Some people are helping me


Some people are helping me, I hope they will continue also my family, I need their support more than ever sometimes, intrusive thoughts being read and people playing with my mind, just want privacy


That’s always good. May I ask helping you in what way?


Being nice and supportive, and not saying anything too harsh


That’s great you have support!


Trying to be independent someday, and have a normal social life. I have made friends people I talk to but maybe going out for coffee. I relate more with people my age.


That’s really cool!


My family are helping me concretely. They provide me money each month to lived on and rent for the roof over my head.


Glad to hear you have a support network. Makes a hell of a difference. Some people have no one and they tend to fare so much worse.


That’s great that you’re getting support! I get support from my husband. It helps so much!