I understand why people stigmaize us

i understand why people stigmaize us

do you?


No please explain to me

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if I carried out the voices were telling me I wouldn’t be here now

plus on the news is a psychotic killer…kill children again and again I simply don’t blame them for stigmazition of us


cant be damned for your hallucinations contexts… and ill be damned if im thrown in with a child killer…


People who kill children have something else wrong with them. Less than 5% of mass murderers have a history of mental illness. Unless you count being a psychopath.


Culture is culture,
Culture has never had a perfect image,

Look up the word dystopia.

In a simple analysis, if you act crazy your going to be taken as a mad person to others, simple enough not a second thought.

That is to be understood, with many other things that may not seem of “fair distinct”

I agree about acting out with your symptoms.

I don’t because most schizophrenics are NOT violent in anyway and most criminals are NOT schizophrenics it’s a fact. As for those that are violent I think it’s still not their fault they just have to go under treatment (there aren’t many of them though). People stigmatise this because of what they see in movies or in fictional characters which is wrong and stereotypical.


Yeah I get it. I have even known schizophrenics who felt that way about other schizophrenics ironically.

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Is it because we let them?

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He may be talking about the recent news in my state of a sz woman who stabbed her daughter and two grandchildren, one of the babies died. She had previously been committed for trying to kill her children like 10 years ago. She was released, stopped taking her meds apparently. We don’t yet know details, was she on a CTO, etc.

The best way to know if someone will be violent in the future is whether they have been violent in the past, and in this case she was violent in the past.

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Ultimately we make the decision to do something or not that we know would harm or kill someone else. Norms decide to kill daily for whatever reason. It’s only common sense that some of those that are capable of killing come down with sz. They may be following a delusion but they still decide to kill .

Did you hear about that girl who encouraged her bf to commit suicide? I’m sure she was a psychopath

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@moonwalker I can’t be manipulated by anyone.
I’m not even manipulated by intrusive thoughts that come directly to my head.
(Rather I fight them).
I am free and hope to stay that way.
This is not to boast, I write it in the hope that other users will try to be as free as they can.


Evidence suggests that psychopaths also have brain abnormalities, and may be able to live normal lives if they don’t suffer abuse, especially as kids. But they are able to understand right from wrong, usually.

I think they understand right and wrong but their impulses and lack of empathy drive them to do things that are not good

Yeah, you don’t want one as a parent or spouse. Or child. But, they don’t necessarily turn out to be killers.

Not killers Per se but I read an article about a 5 year old choking her baby brother and strangle her other young brother. Her parents put her in a special clinic for it.

Sounds like a nightmare for the poor parents.

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My psychiatrist, therapist and social worker all thought I should stay home and rest even if it meant living on public housing and food stamps the rest of my life. I thought I could prove them wrong by going back to school and getting a normal job. Thought it was stigma. However now I’ve given up and gone back to disability. Wish things could’ve been different.

Never know unless you try, right?