I tried to make potato chips in the oven

I tried and i think i failed :frowning: it seemed so simple but i still fkd it up,

I’m going to try cheese puffs next, maybe they’ll be easier, there is more ingredients but at least i’m trying

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I think Homer said it best,

You gave it your best and you failed. The lesson is, never try …



The trick is to have a silicone baking mat, so they don’t stick to the pan.

if at first you don’t succeed, haha,

i’m not eating much, i’m trying

Barring that, just make sure to grease the bottom of the pan really well, and lay them in a single layer.

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i have them in the oven again but i know i fkd it up, thx ninjastar i’ll try that next time

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Don’t be afraid of overcooking them. They taste best extra crispy. I like to season mine with garlic salt.

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I coated them in olive oil and covered them in salt, put tin foil over them

i tried to cut them as thin as i could but maybe not enough

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Wait like chips (french fries) or chips (crisps)?

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crisps, potato chips

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You don’t want foil over them. That will stop them from crisping up.

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You can probably save them by removing the foil and sticking them under the broiler for one minute.

I use a vegetable peeler to cut the potatoes when I make them. It cuts them paper thin.

A mandoline also works, if you have one.

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i put them on top of the foil but they are not crisping up after 10 mins at mark 4

I havent got a peeler or anything, all i had was olive oil and a sharp knife

It takes me about 25 minutes at 450 f to crisp them up properly.

i was told 150 or gas mark 2 for 25 mins

450 f is about 232 c

150 does not seem like enough to me. Do you have a broiler?

idk what that is, is it an overhead grill?

It is part of an oven. You have a gas oven? Is there a tiny drawer on the bottom?