I thought I was being righteous, I was only being cruel

I was a perfectionist with no heart. A perfectionist is a defeatist in disguise.


Wow, that is quiet a deep thing to ponder. I’ll be thinking on this one for a while. Thank you.

the thing about being a perfectionist is that you will never win, nobody is perfect and nothing is perfect, we all have flaws, even God has his flaws too, perfection is a myth
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I was a perfectionist
you say “was”

Perfectionists are pessimists.

I think perfectionism very frequently causes excess depression and anxiety. Here is a good article on it:

The desire to be perfect burdens many people and ironically dooms them to unhappiness. At first, we might think that trying to be prefect is desirable. Let’s take a deeper look at that belief. Perfection suggests a state of flawlessness, without any defects. Seeking perfection at a particular task might be achievable and certainly students can strive to attain a perfect grade or you can try to accomplish a perfect job at something. Yet, the goal of being perfect in life is altogether a different story.

A machine or electronic device may operate perfectly; at least for a while. Yet, over time it will begin to wear down and require repair. I suggest that the very notion of perfection is rooted in the paradigm of Newton’s mechanistic universe. Humans, however, were never intended to be perfect. That’s part of the definition of being human. Consider the expression, “I’m just human.” We need to remind ourselves the goal isn’t to emulate a machine, but to embrace the imperfection of being human.

Read the full story below:


Another good article on Perfectionism and the problems it causes:


From Tiger Woods to Michael Jordan, tales abound of athletes, musicians, and others whose dedicated striving elevated them to new heights of achievement. Such a drive for excellence is not what concerns psychologists; they applaud it. But in recent years, they have begun to focus more on perfectionism as a distinct personality problem, one that may often do far more harm than good, even in cases much less dramatic than Kant’s erasing.

“Perfectionism is a phobia of mistake-making,” said Jeff Szymanski, executive director of the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation, which is based in Boston. "It is the feeling that ‘If I make a mistake, it will be catastrophic.’ "

When I look in e mirror, that is also what I see.

interesting thought thanks.


I had ever been a perfectionist before I was diagnosed with SZ. It gave me nervousness and anxiety in me. Now I am more content with what I have done.


I disagree, for instance trees, trees in my opinion are perfect.

Nothing wrong with them at all, perfect.

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trees. a seed they grow. and become static/in one place all there life,
they grow photosynthese and they do communicate when a neighbour tree gets ill.

yet do they have consciousness…?
or is life perfect without consciousness

depends what you think perfection is

perfectio to me is totally utterly flawless meaning that it is not affected by anything, it is constant and as we know not even the universe is like that, things change, planets implode, wood decays, a diamond can be flawless but it still has its weaknesses too.

I think that anything is perfect if there is no pain involved.

That’s a good description. Finally I found the answer.

Does ‘idealism’ have anything to do with ‘perfectionism’ because I had it when I was a young woman.

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I think so. It is really unfair to idealize someone because that puts stress on them to be more than they can be.

no, just an overall way of seeing the world as more perfect than it is, perhaps my love of my kids.

Then are you blind to problems?

I just came back after dropping out to do good things, and make it in the world. I didn’t want to fail.

is a hoarder a kind of perfectionist?