I think when one is drunk

One does just the opposite of what one wants.

I did that a lot back when I used to drink, the complete opposite. You’re right

I think it’s more complicated. As much as I can relate to feeling like I did the opposite of what I really wanted the night before, the fact that it tends to take out you’re inhibitions I feel like there’s some level of responsibility to be taken. Back when it was a social though heavily partaken in thing for “us” (there’s no us anymore) I drank to the point of blackouts and even alcohol poisoning and as much a fool of self was made, it was among friends. I mean shouting to the stars above that I wanted to go home, this was the extent of it, hugs all around by my girlfriend, that was always when things were just getting started. Been a drinker more than half my life, but it wasn’t until this insane world came down on me like a ton of bricks that I even remotely began drinking to cope.

I agree with you’re statement, but feel I am being asked to take some responsibility, where I tend to see a society that creates it’s own problems and has condoned the horrible acts of of anyone with social stanting who can manage or afford to get away with it. Sure I’ll take some responsibility, at the very worst I’ve been told I may have been a jerk and maybe made someone cry in an alcoholic blackout of my youth, I’m not prone to them, but more often I was described as determined and on a mission to get from A to B.