I think the world is some dream I'm having

You can’t prove that it isn’t. Every reply to this will be just something my subconcious dreamed up.


Physical Pain is real…

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Yeah, it’s a nightmare sometimes.

I used to feel this way. It got dangerous fast. They switched me from Haldol to perphenazine. It helped a lot.


You didn’t dream up my reply. You’re just delusional that’s all. You have to try to fight the delusions. The world is real and is NOT dreamt up by you.

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Sometimes i imagine i sit somewhere at a fire and create myself what its like to live in our times with the dramas and technologies.

I have the idea that world is my mental dream. Or matrix or a theatrical play with everyone playing by the script except me

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I have a lot of ideas but no conclusions for the reason for the existence of the world

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I have memories of being out of the matrix and time traveling. Anyone else? Probably not. It sucks. I’m all alone. I sometimes think why me? Why did I end up with schizophrenia given all my cool experiences…and not so cool experiences?

I experience life therefore i am.
Be yourself the others are taken.

Do you believe you’ve experienced time travel? And that you’ve travelled to parallel universes?

What makes this world feel like a dream to you?

Alot of the time my mind seems to manifest the world going on around me.

I can relate to this.

I used to think that I saw several coincidences around me in the sense that things that I was thinking or subconsciously thinking were somewhat happening around me, then I realized that it could just be the way my mind works, as a psychotic person or whatever, basically my mind pays more attention to things that somehow correspond to my mind so it lights it up in my emotional feelings more strongly due to the excessive dopamine because dopamine is about attention I think as well…something like that lol… based on things I’ve experienced and read. Correct me if I’m wrong anyone. so my mind just may be paying slightly more attention than some others to coincidences so it appears as if they are happening slightly more to me when actually I may just be slightly more attentive to the environment due to somewhat excessive dopamine or something

Omg i feel this way too. Almost like theres a guy orchestrating everything to see how far my insanity will go. I subconsciously see him on phones or chords well one dream. Then metatron or something off of power ramgers a fire face blue flames that don’t burn. Anyway. My subconscious picked up a false reality and it goes up higher and higher. Alternate dimensions like atlantis was prolly real. It feels almost like a shift elevated me to the reality of world order… And hes pulling strings… Now walk by and stare at her… Actors paid.

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Also the voices seem to be put in my mind bc who the fux is the sun. Wtf psychosis is about a golden adonis who is it??. But im so grossed out by the charade. Hamster on a wheel and my loops. I feel so disgusted. It’s called peace.

What’s world order Adelaing?
Never heard of that.

Idk. I’m not sure. Only that I am crazy and I just don’t like the idea of change of any kind. Omly if its positive not negative.

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