I think my parent causes these

These mental illness,schizophrenia must have been caused by my parent.

At age 1 I was given to a babysitter home and stayed there till age 5-6,I cried a lot a lot and don’t want to leave my babysitter or nanny home because they took care of me well and I developed relationship with them,in the end I left and didn’t really able to adjust to the new lifestyle and people at 6

When I was 11 I was sent to a tutor house and the tutor caned me a lot to improve my studies

I hate my parent for doing these to me,they let me live with my nanny and I developed trust with my nanny and at age 6 they made me feel the bad separation and everything has gone bad,I wish they get punished for their unintentional but harmful act,I really do…

It is useful to try to connect the dots to the many combined causes of sz in any single pt, so long as we don’t try to single out any one thing. I’ve seen a lot of people with sz. None of them came to it simply. It’s always a matter of complex nature (genetics) and complex nurture (environment).

With respect to “ineffective” or even “abusive” parenting, we need to take into account how those parents were themselves brought up. Because how we were raised is how we will raise (most of the time). Most sz pts I have known have very intriguing, ancestral family trees.

If you’re feeling like a “detective,” you can dig into piles of books written by the best people in the field to look for clues about the “family of origin” and its “contributions.” If so inclined, write back and I’ll get you a list.


What interesting book can I read about psychology,mental illness?My reading of English is average intermediate

It’s good you have thought about this and understand it. You can over come anything if you think it through and get perspective on it.

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now I am having trouble accepting myself,and my parent,having a hard time atm…

Just relax man. It’s just life. It’s difficult for everyone. You’re doing good man. You’re a champ for living with this illness every day.

Perhaps if you made a plan for your future you might not spend so much time dwelling on what you can’t change.

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Yeah, but the problem is we are just starting to realize that neglect can cause serious harm, so not sure how much info is out there. I know as an adult, I can’t have anyone take care of me now, so when I’m really have symptoms or even just the flu, I suffer through alone.

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There is one period I just want to stay home and play games all day or most of the day,but My parent woke me up in the morning and go to work,I believe this cause me more harm because I am just not interested in work and my mind is full of game just like how I am feeling now,it’s awful not able to play when you want it,it’s worst doing things you hated and not being able to do things you want

Now I am 25 years old,I still haven’t grow out of gaming All bevsuse of my parent and worse still I had schizophrenia,■■■■ life lol

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Yeah, it’s like, you’re a little late now to start being a parent, right? And it can be very hard to deal with as an adult who suffering illness. Maybe try to compromise somehow.

I never even have good relationship experience,my growth was defitnately cut off by my parent,they think this is good for me,this is best for me…they don’t want to let me grow out of it,I will never grow up,I just want to complaint and rant

Yeah I’ll be 25 in a couple of days, and I’m living with my parents too. I’ll probably never be a parent either. I’m ok with not being a parent, but there is a part of me that still wants to get married, while another part of me just says to forget about it. But yeah I haven’t accomplished anything. I’m embarrassed about myself.

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Let me guess,you play games all day?No embarrasse,I sometimes like to do other things like exercise or gaming but I work for my parent,I am afraid if I leave work to do other activities they would not be very happy

Just now,I just go back to exercise and I only tell my parent after I drove back,they didn’t get any angry though

Parents do the best they can. However misguided their actions were, they thought that was for the best.


Maybe after all coming to work is good for me,I could take some time off to exercise in the afternoon so that I had time at night

yeah, there you go, I really think that work offers a durability of the spirit.

its a mixture of your enviroment and faulty thinking, i used to look for someone to blame, my parents, God but it wasnt anything like that, it was purely accidental, my brain was not strong enough to deal with certain things and things just snowball you know, i dont blame myself either, i like to say i am a victim of circumstances but you know, could be anything.

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I’m going to college right now, but I’m only taking two classes, and I’m doing badly in them. I do pretty much nothing, yeah. Thus the embarrassment.

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I believe it’s the illness…

I really appreciate what you said and im curious about your opinion of the end of the world happening now.