Anyone getting the full moon blues today?

I had them all day.

Coincidence? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m ok now though.

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Full moon can definitely trigger me. They can be almost magical in my mind, a special time, a time to lament and reflect.

Pull of the void draws me into thought patterns. I’m guilty of staying up late, alone with the darkness, alone with the thoughts.

I will attest that it happens to a lot of people. Back in my nursing rotations I did a few full moon nights in emergency. We would get rushed and busy busy on full moons.

Glad you’re feeling better. Stay safe dude.



It’s funny, I have read exactly that. During full moons the emergency rooms are full.

I find that it brings out the poet in me. Very calm, very introspective and creative


I’m feeling mildly down today. It’s just my psychiatric care provider has been closed for two weeks, and I haven’t been out of my apartment. The weetk before last it was due to snow/ice. Last week it was due to burst water pipes. They were finally fixed late Thursday, but they didn’t open Friday.

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Here in Korea, we celebrate the full moon festival. We usually eat nuts and greens to celebrate it. My ancestors believed eating nuts (and breaking it) as well as eating greens with sticky rise will drive the spirits away. They believed evil spirits existed all around the country, and they wanted to drive them off.

I think my culture is very interesting.


That is interesting, @anon10648258 . My hapkido teacher was Korean, and he got me very interested in the culture. Great guy

I think hapkido teachers are very passionate about Korean culture. Glad to hear that you got to learn something from him :slight_smile:

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