I think Ive reached the next stage in schizophrenic evolution

I used to believe these beliefs which i thought were true which I later learned were delusions. Then i started questioning whether the delusions were true or not or even if they were actually delusions. Ive reached this state of being where there is no such thing as a delusion or a true thought because reality is relative. Im not delusional its just how i experience my reality. I know that once i have a thought I will begin to question if its true or not but whether its true or not is not important. The important part is that in your reality the thought entered existence. I can keep thinking Im God but it doesn’t change the fact that there is neither truth nor fallacy in that thought. Its just the thought I have. The person next to me is going to have some other thought which i could view as delusional. The only way you can make something a delusion is if you change the point of view of it. This sounds all hippy dippy but its true. When you thought you were an alien from space was there anyone that could change your mind about it? No because thats how you experience your world. You can’t see from the perspective of someone else. The real question is why do we each experience reality the way we do? Why would the thought that “maybe Im the Sun,” even come into existence in the first place. If anything “delusions” diversify the thought processing of human existence. Without delusions would be like a world with only white people. That would be pretty boring

I am God or I am the sun are pretty harmless delusions. I think it isn’t so easy to say the world would be boring if your delusions were more scary like mine often are.